Going Digital: Four Software Services for SGOs

Software as a Service (Saas), is a multi billion dollar industry with countless applications to choose from. Software platforms can help you organize and increase the efficiency of your SGO! We have assembled a list of four Saas products we recommend you consider for your Scholarship Granting Organization.

  1. GO SGO:  First, the only software solution custom built for scholarship organizations! But, you can learn plenty about our software on the Product Features page of our website. Enough about us, lets talk about other software resources!
  2. Boardable: Built by nonprofit founders, this software exists to simplify your board management experience. Boarable centralizes you scheduling, communication, dropbox, and contacts to reduce the time it takes to prepare for board meetings. For a starting price of $49 per month, Boardable is an affordable way to optimize your board.
  3. Tableau: Humans are visual creatures! Tableau allows your organization the ability to communicate data visually. With this software, you can import data to generate aesthetically pleasing reports. Starting at $70 per month, Tableau can help you communicate your data more effectively to donors, policy makers, and parents!
  4. QuickBooks: Keep track of your financial data in one centralized accounting software. QuickBooks allows you the ability to track spending on projects, revenues, labor costs, and other data in one user-friendly platform. Keep track of your financial information on this secure site for as low as $25 per month. Also, if you use GO SGO, you can automatically integrate your data into QuickBooks!

Flexibility and adaptability are increasingly important as tech transforms the world we live in. It is also critical your SGO adopts the right software to suit your unique needs. Spend time thinking about areas in your organization that could benefit from atomization and centralization. If you’re tired of shuffling paper or other inefficiencies within your organization, reach out! We would love to consult your SGO on anything IT. Send an email to go-sgo@sid3car.com and let us know how we can help!